What is TOYOTA Future World?

Toyota future world is an exhibition where you can experience

What we show case

  1. We will be sharing interesting and vital information on latest automotive technology.
  2. We will be educating you on proper maintenance of TOYOTA
  3. Toyota is equipped with many safety features and we will be exhibiting technologies.
  4. You can witness how TOYOTA contributes to society and environment
  5. A glimpse of future technology.
  6. We will be having a dedicated discussion platform to talk about many interesting topics relating to motoring lifestyle conducted by experts in respective fields

Why we do this

We always believe in the power of knowledge. Good knowledge will lead to better decisions, proper maintenance and repair and to look after the car very well. A vehicle is an integral part of our lives. It's our companion, our trusted partner and as Sri Lankans we know buying a TOYOTA is an investment. Therefore we want to create educated customers and assure the best in their day to day motoring activities.

What you can experience

TOYOTA future world is the first exhibition of this nature conducted in Sri Lanka, there are many interesting & exciting venues and events we have planned.
At TOYOTA future world you can almost clear all your doubt on your car technology. You can meet TOYOTA team of advisors from TOYOTA LANKA.
You can experience what TOYOTA is offering to you and the society right now and also in future.
Great offers at the venue, Exclusive discounts and value additions for your next service, ACTIVATED ONLY at the VENUE. A great place and live environment to be with your family and loved ones.

What you can experience

We do not restrict the participation but do give you more attention and deliver the best during the exhibition we kindly request you to pre - register at and receive and e invite.
You can always reach us on 0777 939 490 dedicated hotline for the event.
Come and Lets experience TOYOTA together………


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  • Toyota Future World
  • No.337, Negombo Road, Wattala,
    Sri Lanka.
  • 077 793 9490
  • +94 11 293 9000 – 6

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